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The Shower Curtain Goes Design

Categories: Food for thought

Posted on 09-30-10 at 3:33 p.m.

Image for The Shower Curtain Goes Design

Socio-Cultural Observations reflecting the zeitgeist

In times gone by, our intrepid consumer had three color choices when shopping for a shower curtain - beige, light beige and dark beige. Times have changed. Today, the shower curtain has become much more: an expression of mood, of one’s aesthetic inclinations. And yes, it still keeps the water from splattering all over your floor.

Here at CROP, we’re interested in how this mirrors two deeper socio-cultural trends that characterize young urban consumers (Importance of Aesthetics* and Prosumerism**).

The degree to which your target group is characterized by such sensitivities should affect the way you position and market products (such as shower curtains and much more).  If Group A is rational, pragmatic and risk-averse, then marketing aspects of convenience, value and ease of use (i.e. functional features) may serve you best.  Conversely, if Group B is Neo-Romantic, i.e. drawn towards sensorial payoffs, then design, aesthetics and uniqueness become frontline selling points.

A simple shower curtain? Not anymore.  To learn more about consumer values and marketing opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact us.

*Importance of Aesthetics

Tendency to base purchase decisions on aesthetic rather than utilitarian considerations.  Measures the attention given to the beauty of objects and products purchased.  People strong on this trend often buy products purely for their appearance.  Aesthetics, in this case, is a form of personal expression.  (Inverse of Utilitarian Consumerism)


This trend identifies people for whom personalization is so important that they want to communicate their specific needs directly to the producer. People strong on this trend are well-versed in the best communication channels to use to establish a dialogue to make their specific product demands known.