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FOTO – CROP’s Monthly Omnibus Survey (Formerly CROP-express)


Posted on 11-08-10 at 12:05 p.m.

Image for FOTO – CROP’s Monthly Omnibus Survey (Formerly CROP-express)

CROP’s monthly syndicated omnibus study has been running for many years, and from its inception we have ensured that this telephone survey of 1,000 completed interviews (respondents 18 years old and over) compiled with the highest standards of statistical inference and probabilistic representation (with maximum margins of error of 3% etc.).

In 2010, we altered the data collection method of this omnibus study to include online interviews conducted via panel samples from highly reliable firms with whom we regularly do business. The decision to switch methods was reached after some serious reflection, but more importantly, it was the result of a lengthy series of tests whose aim was to develop a rigorous methodology that guarantees high quality results.

With the passing of years, it had become increasingly difficult to realize the required quota of completed interviews within the timelines set for this type of telephone survey. Also contributing to the decision to resort to online polling via web panels for our monthly omnibus studies were the added costs generated by the necessity to fulfill quotas.

The online solution not only allows more flexibility, but also makes it possible to display certain visuals on screen, while it maximizes participant responses (when interviews are self-administered online, we tend to minimize socially desirable answers often found in interviewer-administered telephone interviews).

However, the use of web panels warrants greater caution and verification. CROP has developed a unique method of calibration of web panels (Please see the "White Paper" section of our blog for details) using the results from 4 annual phone surveys as well as a sociocultural/values weighting scheme.

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