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CROP’s Study Results—and the Music that Echoes Them!

Categories: On my radar this week

Posted on 02-10-17 at 7 a.m.

Hello all,

Full disclosure—I have two passions that continue to affect me deeply: delving into the social phenomena and markets that typify our era, and music, especially opera. In coming weeks, I will share these passions with you and reveal what excites me.

My colleagues and I have the opportunity to study phenomena that define today’s world. Despite the uniqueness of some of these phenomena, they still contain a universal, timeless quality, especially for Western cultures and markets.

Music, particularly opera composed since the Romantic era, also expresses universal and timeless themes. My posts will therefore attempt to make connections between our present era and the exceptional heritage of Western music. In these posts, I will also share my reflections on the challenges we face today, in the hope that they will inspire your actions, your orientations and, ultimately, your strategies.

You can follow my posts on Twitter (@alaingiguere) or on LinkedIn.

I fervently hope that you will feel as passionate about these posts and musical excerpts as I do, and that you will be moved to buy the full musical piece to enjoy later!

Welcome to the conversation.

Until next time …

P.S. All my tweets and posts will be published in both French and English.

Alain Giguère
President, CROP Inc.
February 13, 2017