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RRSP or no RRSP, that is the question!

Categories: Food for thought

Posted on 03-09-17 at 8:15 p.m.

With the dreaded tax season just around the corner, CROP thought it quite fitting in February to ask Quebec workers about their attitudes and perceptions with regard to their retirement. Here’s what we learned:

Contributing to a pension plan…
a matter of generation

On the whole, more than one in every two Quebec workers have access to a pension fund through their employer and surprisingly, it is older workers who have less of an opportunity to contribute to an RRSP through work.

For the 2016 fiscal year, the 35-54 year-old cohort were more assiduous in securing their retirement by contributing to their RRSP (47% before February) or by intending to do so before March 1st, while one in two workers aged 55 or more have no intention this year to put money into a pension plan.

It seems as if 55+ year-olds are, on the whole, less inclined today toward retirement planning, maybe it’s because they’ve already done so and no longer need to worry about it?

A majority of Quebec workers are optimistic about their financial situation at retirement

Our survey results reveal that men are the most optimistic about their financial circumstances when comes the time for them to retire.

Obviously enough, workers who currently contribute to an RRSP are, on the whole, more confident about a financially secure retirement than those who do not.

All the more reason to keep up with those RRSP payments!

Does your employer offer you the option to contribute to a pension plan?

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Have you contributed or do you plan to contribute to an RRSP by March 1st, 2017?

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When you consider your financial situation at your retirement, would you say that your outlook is…?

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