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Celebrating Easter in Quebec!

Categories: Food for thought

Posted on 04-05-17 at 10:44 a.m.

With Easter just a few weeks away, CROP wanted to know exactly why, how and by whom this ancestral tradition was celebrated in Quebec today, and we learned that the motivation to celebrate this holy day is not always what we might think.

Easter is most certainly a day of celebration for many Quebecers, but…

… for a majority of our compatriots, Easter is not exactly a day that is charged with religious meaning or Christian fervor, unless one counts among the little over 40% of the 55+ years-old cohort who do imbue it with a spiritual significance.

Chocolate is the way to go!

Two thirds of the Quebecers who intend to celebrate Easter this year plan to offer chocolate to their loved ones. This is a golden opportunity for retailers, particularly those operating chain stores (77% say they will buy their chocolates at a big box store vs. 23% in a specialized chocolate shop).

Some are thinking of other types of presents to mark Easter day, 14% told us that they plan to offer flowers/plants, 11% favor many types of sweets –besides chocolate, of course, while 5% came up with other kinds of gifts. In all, nearly 80% of Quebecers will be exchanging presents on Easter Sunday.

Do you intend to celebrate Easter this year?

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Originally, Easter is a Christian religious holiday. When celebrating it this year, would you do so for its religious and spiritual meaning or for other reasons?

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A special Easter menu to be concocted at home

A great majority (83%) of Quebecers will be doing their Easter feasting right at home or at their friends’ home (73%) rather than in a restaurant (10%).

Our wishes for many happy memories with your loved ones and bon appétit!

Happy Easter!