Imagine a focus group with over 1,000 fully-engaged participants

An Online Ideation Protocol

Forget qualitative, forget quantitative... think "new paradigm", and get the best of both worlds. Jam is the perfect fusion: the richness of a focus group with the strength in numbers provided by quantitative analysis.

Thanks to an exclusive CROP partnership, the proprietary technology behind the JAM program invites participants (i.e. your prospects) to discuss and exchange thoughts, opinions and reactions to your idea in an organic, self-reflective format, driving user-generated content that progressively builds upon itself.

It's co-creation with your key audience highly involved in the process. Based on a funky algorithm, participants refine one another's opinions, distilling them to their most pointed, precise and specific expression. JAM offers the ultimate in intimate and productive consumer engagement, a freeform exchange of ideas anchored by the weight and rigor of research and data.

Your idea is the song - JAM will help it go platinum.

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