Sometimes you need a tight close-up on your consumer.

A Deep Dive Ethnographic Exploration

When Dian Fossey sought to understand the socialization rituals of gorillas, she invested 18 years to living among them in the mountain jungles of Rwanda. Her underlying principle demanded that she observe her subjects in their natural environment to truly understand their reality.

We won't take it quite that far... but when elaborate surveys or two-way monitors just won't cut it, CROP will craft and spearhead unique interventions designed to cut through the consumer undergrowth. We'll help formulate the Big Idea that will fire your understanding of how consumers think, feel and behave, and illuminate the role your organization/brand plays in their lives.

Consumer diaries, video libraries, show & tell sessions, assisted experiences... you name it, we've done it - all in the spirit of telling genuine and authentic consumer stories. Or, as well like to put it, bringing Life to (your) Ideas.

In a previous life, CROP CEO Carlo Bianchini was co-founder of Seminal Inc, a pioneer in the sector then known as "non-traditional research". ZOOM fuses the strengths of trad and non-trad, delivering the eye-opening perspectives that illuminate strategy and spark hyper-relevant creative ideas.

Inquire about our "Smart Recruiting" approach, the difference-maker in drafting the "right players" into the game.

ZOOM - let our lens focus your vision.