The mass market is dead. No single brand or message is appropriate for everyone. You need to properly identify your target market, learn everything about them and choose the right channels to get them to act

A Segmentation and Brand Positioning Protocol

SYNC places consumers or citizens, in a given market or population, into homogeneous groups based on their needs, attitudes and/or other characteristics.

The ultimate goal is to identify the segment(s) offering you the best opportunity: your target segment(s). To make this exercise entirely operational, we describe these target segments in every possible way (purchasing criteria, attitudes, needs, perceptions, values, hot buttons, media habits, etc.).

Our SYNC program measures the brands or offers on the market based on the criteria or expectations that define these segments.

The goal is to understand what needs and expectations are important to specific groups of consumers and to assess the extent to which your brands are positioned to meet these needs (appropriateness of the positioning).