The values, hot buttons and mindsets that motivate people’s choices and attitudes, in their roles as citizens and consumers

The goal of our Panorama program is to help you fine-tune the positioning of your brands and advertising messages so they resonate with people’s hot buttons and win their loyalty!

We study ...

  • What motivates consumers to buy your brand and your competitors' brands
  • What your brand communicates, via the values of the people who buy it
  • The hot buttons that explain the attitudes you hope to change
  • The intangible, emotional and cultural needs of your target market
  • Trends on the rise in the marketplace and in people's attitudes ...

These are the kinds of issues we tackle with our Panorama program.

Panorama looks at how brands, products, services and institutions intersect with the values, motivations and needs of consumers/citizens. It helps us understand what experiences people expect, which determines their choices and attitudes. With that knowledge, we can advise companies/institutions about the appropriateness of their offers and communications.

Thus, using a hundred or so indicators of people's values, we are able to ...

  • Create a profile of the market and population segments based on motivations and expressed needs
  • Understand brands, products and institutions based on the profile of their users
  • Track long-term trends among consumers and citizens