From fast food fans to full-on foodies, food values drive behaviour

A Food Values Monitor

The food industry is a billion dollar enterprise in Canada. From farm to Foodie, distributor to deli, garden to grocery, the production chain is long and complex. Final destination: the hungry consumer.

His/her habits and behaviours dictate every development and direction in this immense sector of activity. Consider: while some treat food as nothing more than essential fuel, others prize it as the highest expression of "art de vivre". Whether you are considering the boom in organics, the resurgence of farmer's markets, the popularity of cooking shows or the proliferation of convenience offers, you can be sure that fundamental values, attitudes and predispositions towards food are behind those trends. That is information you need to harvest. NUTRIO will provide it.

Enter CROP, the Canadian marketing reference point in this most elemental enterprise. We've been monitoring Food Values on an annual basis for well over 20 years. We've tracked their evolution and continue to identify the key drivers and consumer groups behind all things food related (including your offer). Segmentation, trending, innovation... the NUTRIO tool answers your most strategic concerns and helps you vitaminize your brand. It's the most important food additive in the industry.

NUTRIO - grow your business.