Human values drive human behaviour

A 3SC Consumer & Social Values Program

Imagine that you could REALLY understand what makes people tick. How cool would that be?

Think of the group of individuals of greatest interest to you; you know, the ones who keep you up at night because they can make or break your business. If only you could tap into their inner drives, their hot buttons and deep-rooted motivations; talk about gaining a competitive edge!

Our PANORAMA program will tell you that story. Best of all, it will reveal how your idea fits into the consumer's narrative. The following are some of the invaluable strategic insights offered by our unique monitor:

  • HOLISTIC OVERVIEW - An overview of emerging consumer needs and social changes characterizing the market. Our macro view of emerging values and trends will allow you to identify and capitalize on opportunities.
  • STRATEGIC INSIGHT - A description of the values characterizing your interest groups (consumers, prospects, targets etc.). This will allow you to maximize success by aligning offer, positioning, communication and creative strategies with the personal/consumer values that resonate most.
  • BRAND DIAGNOSTICS - An in-depth diagnosis of your brand DNA featuring a full breakdown of its intrinsic values.

We've been conducting our sociocultural study annually in Canada since 1987.

Panorama - See the Big Picture.