Corporate reputation

Assessing the awareness and perception of your company

How do your various stakeholders see your company? Which perceptional and emotional factors are associated with your company? On which aspects do your stakeholders base their opinion of you? Are your stakeholders engaged? Do they feel a strong sense of affiliation with your company or brand?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you need our advice to assess the awareness of your company.

In addition to your strictly commercial relationship with your target markets, you also need to be concerned about your reputation: among the general public/citizens, the communities where you operate, regulatory bodies, civil servants, politicians. In fact, you need to consider everyone who can influence your company/organization’s reputation.

At CROP, our experts combine in-depth interviews with surveys of influential stakeholders to identify how companies/organizations are perceived within their milieus. Our reputational benchmarks for the many companies and institutions we have been tracking since the 1980s let us very precisely analyze the health of our clients’ reputations.