Market segmentation and target populations

Understanding the diversity in your market

Markets are no longer homogeneous. The mass market of consumers or citizens is a thing of the past. Markets and populations are multiple, diversified and fragmented. And in many cases, these fragmentations continue to accelerate and multiply.

In such an environment, our goal is to identify the priority targets that will allow you to achieve your goals – by reaching the right individuals with the right content through the right channels.

Segmentation to better target your customers

We are able to apply multiple techniques to achieve the desired results for our clients. CROP combines traditional statistical methods with the most advanced AI processes to achieve our clients’ segmentation objectives. By exposing the underlying trends in a database, we are able to identify all the diverse groupings and those that specifically represent opportunities for our customers.

Over the years, we have conducted a host of segmentation exercises, in a multiplicity of sectors, in both specific markets and for the population as a whole – and in so doing have successfully identified conversion opportunities for our clients.