Programs and Protocols

Over the years, CROP has developed several unique research programs, protocols, tools and methods to produce the market and population intelligence to support decision-making and the conversion of target customers and audiences.



Panorama is CROP's flagship program on consumer and citizen values.

Panorama identifies the values, hot buttons and mental postures that underly the actions of individuals in their role as consumers and citizens. What motivates their choices, habits, behaviours and attitudes. How products, services, institutions, ideas and values, motivations and the needs of individuals intersect.

We start from the premise that consumer choices are determined both by very concrete, practical needs and by needs that are more cultural, sociocultural and emotional in nature.

The Panorama program is dedicated to understanding these latter types of needs and to identifying the opportunities they represent for brands and organizations.

In more specific terms, Panorama …

  • 1. Establishes the profile of market and population segments based on their values, motivations and expressed needs.
  • 2. Characterizes brands, products, services and institutions in terms of the value profile of their users and how they have been evaluated by individuals.
  • 3. Monitors the consumer and citizen trends and assesses their impact on marketplace and societal transformations.


Where brands live and where they can grow

Milieus is the ultimate new customer acquisition program. True to its name, it provides an exhaustive description of the milieus in which the brands and market segments of interest can thrive. Milieus tells us everything we want to know about specific market segments, in terms of lifestyle, consumption, activities, recreation, personal values, media habits and visit frequency to the country’s major retail websites.

We start from the premise that brands do not end up in their consumer milieus by chance. They fit into a lifestyle along with the other brands that consumers use in their lives. Brands respond to very concrete needs as well as to needs that are more intangible, cultural or emotional in nature.

The Milieus program generates the market intelligence required to identify the milieus in which brands already have an ingrained presence – and consequently the best opportunities for growth.

The Milieus program determines who you need to target, with what content and experiences and through which channels – issues for which the program was specifically designed.



A wide-ranging conversation about your brands, products, services and issues! A unique co-creation protocol that gives the “floor” to the consumer/citizen for the purposes of developing new products and ideas. JAM is in conversation with the ideator.

JAM promotes the synthesis of qualitative and quantitative research.

JAM operates like a focus group, allowing participants (survey respondents) to express their own ideas and opinions while being able to comment on the ideas and opinions of other participants (submitted to them using a probabilistic algorithm).

JAM uses open questions in which everyone can express what they think about the ideas of others while while expressing their own ideas.



A satellite of the Panorama program that studies the needs and expectations of consumers in terms of food.

Nutrio identifies the set of purchasing criteria that guide consumers in their food choices and preferences. What motivates their choices, habits, behaviours and attitudes. How food brands, products, services and people’s needs intersect.

Nutrio is dedicated to understanding every type of need expressed in the marketplace and to identifying the brand opportunities these needs represent.

In more specific terms, Nutrio, like Panorama …

  • 1. Profiles market segments based on their expressed needs, expectations and attitudes.
  • 2. Characterizes brands, products and services in terms of their user profiles.
  • 3. Monitors consumer trends and assesses their impact on market transformations.


CROP's Quebec monthly omnibus survey

The ideal vehicle for polling your markets or the general population, provided the occurrences of what you are after are sufficiently high.

If you need only a few questions answered or only a bit of information from your audiences, this omnibus is perfect for you – a survey whose cost is shared among several clients in the same situation as you.