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Me Too: Do you believe that we should defend the right of men to hit on women in the name of sexual freedom?

Subsequent to the preliminary analyses of the results of our last annual survey of the values of Canadian consumers and citizens (our Panorama program), our first reflex was to take a closer look at our "Me Too" question. Learn More >>

Will e-commerce end up killing traditional brick-and-mortar stores?

This question continues to haunt observers of the retail scene. In recent years, many familiar retail banners have disappeared, while online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds from one year to the next. Learn More >>

Controversy surrounding a CROP survey for AIMIA

An unfortunate media and PR storm involving a CROP survey for AIMIA, Aeroplan’s parent company, erupted last Thursday, forcing Aeroplan to apologize to its members. As President of CROP, I feel it is my duty to respond to the misinformation surrounding this controversy. Learn More >>

Are you frightened or excited by change?

Change has become one of the most fundamental facts of modern societies. Technological evolution is undoubtedly one of the main drivers of the transformations we are experiencing, but it is certainly not the only one. Learn More >>

Local products – as much a social as a consumption phenomenon!

Of all the phenomena that we examine in our various market studies, the attraction of local products is certainly one of the most interesting. Learn More >>

Do you believe the world is heading for disaster? 61% of Canadians think so

Apocalyptic themes have always been common in cultural creations and popular tales, from the earliest biblical texts to the most recent Hollywood blockbusters. Learn More >>

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