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Are you frightened or excited by change?

Change has become one of the most fundamental facts of modern societies. Technological evolution is undoubtedly one of the main drivers of the transformations we are experiencing, but it is certainly not the only one. Learn More >>

Local products – as much a social as a consumption phenomenon!

Of all the phenomena that we examine in our various market studies, the attraction of local products is certainly one of the most interesting. Learn More >>

Do you believe the world is heading for disaster? 61% of Canadians think so

Apocalyptic themes have always been common in cultural creations and popular tales, from the earliest biblical texts to the most recent Hollywood blockbusters. Learn More >>

Does it horrify you to see so much sex in the media? 50% of Canadians say it does

Over the years, brands have increasingly incorporated features and representations of a sexual nature in their advertising and positioning. Learn More >>

Do you need to set goals to keep yourself motivated? 60% of Canadians tell us they do

One of the fundamental motivations in the psychology of individuals in modern societies is undoubtedly the need for achievement: a need for fulfillment, to progress and master high-level skills, to achieve difficult goals, a determination to win, to prevail. Learn More >>

Study on public services in Quebec

Published on La Presse+, here’s a summary of a study on public services in Quebec conducted by CROP for GESTION, HEC Montréal’s magazine (French only). Learn More >>

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