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Fulfillment or money

In a nod to the epic speech made by Catherine Dorion, Member of the Quebec National Assembly, I’ll examine here two segments of Canadians: those who would rather have the money (20%) and those who are fundamentally more focused on personal fulfillment (50%). Learn More >>

Maximize your sales and conversion rate by getting to know your targets better!

So, you want to maximize your sales, the engagement and loyalty of your target audiences, and the success of your marketing and communication campaigns (ROI). No problem! We've got just the solution for you. Learn More >>

Social media – a need for recognition

I am often asked if the debates, discussions and controversies raging on social media are representative of the concerns of the general public. The question is whether social media truly reflect what people say and think in the real world. Learn More >>

Another look at Millennials

Not a week goes by without a colleague, a client, a friend or a publication coming up with a theory about Millennials and how they are changing the world! Many believe that Millennials represent a unique generation, an historic cultural phenomenon; that they have unprecedented and unique values. But I wonder if everyone has forgotten Woodstock! (Okay, I know my age is showing.) Learn More >>

The relevance of personalized communications

You've probably noticed that your e-mail inbox is filling up faster than before, unless you have very efficient anti-spam software. The reason is probably that the companies and brands you deal with have begun communicating with you more directly and more persistently. Learn More >>

Newsletters, email campaigns and personalization: why settle for a passing grade?

A growing number of companies are looking to personalize communications to their customers in order to increase relevance by targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right content. While personalized communications hold the promise of increased benefits, the risks associated with low or poor personalization are just as tangible. Learn More >>

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