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Do you believe in the ecological apocalypse?

Three out of four people in Canada (77 %) believe that we are in the process of destroying the planet! Learn More >>

Are you prepared to make an effort to reduce your ecological footprint?

One in three Canadians (32%) say they are strongly committed to doing whatever they can! With awareness comes mobilization, as people become increasingly involved in a societal project at the level of their personal habits and social commitment. Learn More >>

CROP is recruiting!

Come and join a small and friendly team of seasoned researchers with years of experience in a variety of fields, in a company in full transformation (in the process of reinventing itself) Learn More >>

Are we selling refrigerators to Eskimos? Or branding: Value added or evil bait?

Why shouldn’t the emotional gratification created by “experiencing” the brand (or its “myth,” if any) be as legitimate as the practical use of a product? When you look at this example about the clothing industry, it is easy to see that these companies are selling much more than weather-appropriate clothing and accessories! Learn More >>

Fulfillment or money

In a nod to the epic speech made by Catherine Dorion, Member of the Quebec National Assembly, I’ll examine here two segments of Canadians: those who would rather have the money (20%) and those who are fundamentally more focused on personal fulfillment (50%). Learn More >>

Maximize your sales and conversion rate by getting to know your targets better!

So, you want to maximize your sales, the engagement and loyalty of your target audiences, and the success of your marketing and communication campaigns (ROI). No problem! We've got just the solution for you. Learn More >>

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