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The end of retail as we know it!

More and more consumers prefer to shop online Learn More >>

The “incels”

One in three Canadians (33%) think that if a lot of men are staying single, it is because women are too superficial to accept them! Learn More >>

Do you believe in the ecological apocalypse?

Three out of four people in Canada (77 %) believe that we are in the process of destroying the planet! Learn More >>

Are you prepared to make an effort to reduce your ecological footprint?

One in three Canadians (32%) say they are strongly committed to doing whatever they can! With awareness comes mobilization, as people become increasingly involved in a societal project at the level of their personal habits and social commitment. Learn More >>

CROP is recruiting!

Come and join a small and friendly team of seasoned researchers with years of experience in a variety of fields, in a company in full transformation (in the process of reinventing itself) Learn More >>

Are we selling refrigerators to Eskimos? Or branding: Value added or evil bait?

Why shouldn’t the emotional gratification created by “experiencing” the brand (or its “myth,” if any) be as legitimate as the practical use of a product? When you look at this example about the clothing industry, it is easy to see that these companies are selling much more than weather-appropriate clothing and accessories! Learn More >>

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