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Do you need to feel recognized and admired by the people around you? 43% of Canadians admit they do

A very intriguing trend seems to be emerging in the social and consumer psychology of Canadians: a marked decline in the need for status recognition and personal pride. Learn More >>

Are you in favour of same-sex marriage? 74% of Canadians and 80% of Quebecers support it

Within the last year, CROP conducted the largest study ever done in Canada on sexual minorities and the LGBT community. We concluded that, although the community is much more accepted today, we still have a long way to go before achieving true social equality. Learn More >>

The 2018 Panorama Survey—Preparations are well underway!

We are now in the midst of preparations for our study of the values and hot buttons of Canadians. For years now, we have been monitoring the evolution of these hundred or so values that influence consumer behaviour and the public’s attitudes. Our work in this program allows us to understand the tangible, and most importantly, the intangible needs of your target clientele in order to help you maximize their engagement toward your brands. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information. Learn More >>

CROP’s Radio-Canada poll and the Montreal municipal elections

For all the times that we are told that the pollsters are wrong in the elections... Learn More >>

Do you believe that technological innovation is a threat to your job or career? 26% of working people think it is

"Disruption," a highly charged buzzword that is untranslatable in French-carries a hint of scorched earth and sectorial apocalypse. Learn More >>

Do you like to watch violent movies and TV shows? 42% of Canadians admit that they do

One of the most fascinating phenomena we've observed over the years has been the steady rise in the number of people who answer this question in the affirmative. Learn More >>

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