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The diffusion of innovation in these effervescent times

For my last post of the season, since I break for the Holidays, I wanted to complete my series on the segmentation of the Canadian population with a final chapter examining the adoption of innovation by consumers and citizens. Learn More >>

Food habits of Canadians

As a follow up to my last two posts on the various ways of dividing the Canadian population into large families (segmented on a societal and consumption level), I thought it would be interesting to add our segmentation of the food habits of Canadians. Learn More >>

Quebecers in favour of secularism and a more restricted immigration

A majority of Quebecers support François Legault’s proposals to ban public servants in position of authority from wearing visible religious symbols and to reduce the yearly number of immigrants received by Quebec. Learn More >>

Canadian consumers: personal values drive consumption choices today

Similar to the divisions in society, current consumer trends are highly divisive. Gone are the days when we could identify consumers solely by income or age. Value-added is no longer the sole prerogative of the wealthy nor innovation the sole domain of the young (despite the grain of truth there). Learn More >>

Social division in Canada: An increasingly disturbing rift!

Social division: An ever-widening divide in Canadian society opposes those who consider our present era a source of opportunity and those who believe that they are living in a cruel social jungle where more and more people are being left behind. A rift that could represent a major threat to our democracy. Learn More >>

Cities, metropolises and regions

When projected against the geographical map of the province, what the results of the recent general elections in Quebec show is nothing short of astounding: a red island (with a few scatterings of orange) in a sea of blue! Learn More >>

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