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The pater familias: 29% of Canadians believe that the father should be in charge in his own home!

On the eve of Father's Day, I’d like to discuss a phenomenon that we have been measuring for a long time with a simple statement -a clear indicator of how society and the family as a "social organization" has evolved. Learn More >>

Quebecers and alcohol consumption

A recent study conducted by CROP on behalf of Éduc’alcool revealed that Quebecers’ average alcohol consumption has declined over the past 5 years. Learn More >>

Innovation—34% of Canadians love it; 22% demonize it!

This post is a natural progression from last week’s, on creativity. Whereas the latter alluded to C2 Montréal, a major celebration of commercial creativity, this post examines our attitude to innovation (artificial intelligence being a notable feature of C2). Learn More >>

Legalization of marijuana – Opinion of Canadians and Quebecers

Following the proposed bill to legalize marijuana in Canada, Radio-Canada wished to sound out Canadians and Quebecers regarding this subject. Our results reveal that while Canadians are divided on the matter, Quebecers oppose the legislation proposed by the Trudeau government. Learn More >>

The creative class: 22% of the country’s population! (and Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg by Richard Wagner)

On the eve of next week's C2 Montréal, the immersive conclave combining commerce and creativity at Arsenal, I wanted to explore the expression of creativity in our country. Learn More >>

21% of Canadians believe it’s okay to disobey laws they think are stupid!

One in every five Canadians indulges in this kind of thinking. What's more, the numbers have been on a continuous uptick for the last 13 years! It's as if these individuals see a progressively fraying "social contract," which legitimizes disobeying laws and contravening the basic rules of civil society. Learn More >>

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