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Public funding: no to sports, yes to transport

In a study commissioned by La Presse, CROP proceeded to probe Quebecers’ about their thoughts on the funding of various projects by the government. The study results suggested that Quebecers would rather have their public funds invested in major projects involving transports or economic development than initiatives that promote professional sports. Learn More >>

65% of Canadians tell us they believe in God, while 49% consider their religious beliefs to be important to them

For this Holy Week, I have decided to examine our data on the religious beliefs of Canadians. A substantial percentage of the public-49%, one in two Canadians-say that their religious beliefs are important to them. There are some interesting regional variations: the least religious reside in Québec and British Columbia (43%); the most religious, in Alberta and the Atlantic provinces (56%). Learn More >>

The 2017 Panorama of Canadian consumers and citizens is beginning to emerge …

Consumption, innovation, gaming, escape ... people's craving for them is unrelenting. All this while an apocalyptic vision of today's world and a crisis of trust in our elites continue to advance! Learn More >>

One out of ten fantasize about joining the holy war in the Middle East! (And the War Requiem by Benjamin Britten)

At least that's what 12% of Canadians are telling us! The idea of probing such a topic came to us because of all the media attention given to radicalization lately. Learn More >>

Celebrating Easter in Quebec!

With Easter just a few weeks away, CROP wanted to know exactly why, how and by whom this ancestral tradition was celebrated in Quebec today, and we learned that the motivation to celebrate this holy day is not always what we might think. Learn More >>

La Presse is Publishing My Blog!

A few weeks ago, I launched a weekly blog on societal and market trends, which I associate with pieces of opera or classical music. Many of you have been following my blog, and I thank you for that. Learn More >>