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A CROP-COGECO MEDIA POLL Voting intentions in Quebec – June 2018

A historic peak for the CAQ in Quebec with 39% of voting intentions (after repartition), trailed by the Liberals at 33%. The Liberal Party of Canada maintains the lead among Quebecers, but has lost quite a few points. Learn More >>

Are you a dog person or cat person? Whether you have a dog or a cat says a lot about who you are!

For my last post of the season (I take a break for the summer), I am turning my attention to the "guardians" of dogs and cats by analyzing their hot buttons in the same way we do for consumers of brands and products. Let's have some fun! Learn More >>

Do you believe that companies plan the obsolescence of their products so that you buy new ones?

In late 2017 and early 2018, Apple was hit with public accusations of building obsolescence into its older smartphones to encourage consumers to upgrade to its newest models. Learn More >>

Do you approve of companies collecting information about you in order to offer you relevant and customized products, services & content?

The recent public outcry surrounding Cambridge Analytica and its use of massive amounts of personal data culled from Facebook triggered a global awareness of the unsuspected power of databases. Learn More >>

Do you have a goal in life? 30% of Canadians say they don’t!

Every year, CROP conducts an extensive survey of the values and hot buttons of Canadian consumers and citizens (our Panorama program). In the midst of our analysis of the results of our 2018 edition, a social phenomenon, as sad as it is disturbing, caught our attention: nearly one in three people in the country admit to having no goals or purpose in their lives! Learn More >>

Me Too: Do you believe that we should defend the right of men to hit on women in the name of sexual freedom?

Subsequent to the preliminary analyses of the results of our last annual survey of the values of Canadian consumers and citizens (our Panorama program), our first reflex was to take a closer look at our "Me Too" question. Learn More >>

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