Supporting innovation for our clients

Ensuring the relevance of innovation

Innovation is one of the most important pillars of consumerism and healthy markets, but it must match the needs (or the latent needs) of consumers. When attempting to create new needs, we must scrupulously ensure that the innovation is relevant before bringing it to market. Making sure that an innovation is appropriate is one of CROP’s primary missions.

Which features of an innovation are the most attractive to its target market? Does the value proposition meet an important or latent need? Does its performance live up to its promise? Can features be added to optimize the user experience?

CROP has all the necessary expertise to answer these types of questions.

Bringing your ideas to life

Using our different protocols and tools, we carefully study the needs of your target markets. This enables us to anticipate the meaning of the innovation in consumers’ lives. At the end of our study, we can confidently frame the relevance of the innovation for your target customers.

Thanks to our deep understanding of the marketplace, we can suggest ways to adjust your innovation’s offer, its positioning, value proposition and user experience.

Our in-depth knowledge of consumers, their values, hot buttons and mental postures lets us help you bring all your ideas to life.

We deliver winning strategies to boost your sales and optimize your market positioning.

Case studies:

A digital transformation – the stunning success of La Presse+

After more than 100 years of operation, this traditional print newspaper wanted to move to a digital edition of its content: La Presse+.

CROP was asked to help La Presse in this innovation process. By combining different survey methods, we were able to guide the “storytelling” rules for the newspaper’s content. Focus groups, surveys, conversational platforms, the creation of communities: multiple methods were used to guide the creation of the narrative structure of La Presse+.

This online platform gives readers access to quality information with minimal interactivity. Thirty months after its launch, this digital newspaper now reaches some 460,000 readers each week, many more than in their 131-year history.