Panorama is CROP's flagship program on consumer and citizen values.


Panorama identifies the values, hot buttons and mental postures that underly the actions of individuals in their role as consumers and citizens. What motivates their choices, habits, behaviours and attitudes. How products, services, institutions, ideas and values, motivations and the needs of individuals intersect.

We start from the premise that consumer choices are determined both by very concrete, practical needs and by needs that are more cultural, sociocultural and emotional in nature.

The Panorama program is dedicated to understanding these latter types of needs and to identifying the opportunities they represent for brands and organizations.

In more specific terms, Panorama …

  • 1. Establishes the profile of market and population segments based on their values, motivations and expressed needs.
  • 2. Characterizes brands, products, services and institutions in terms of the value profile of their users and how they have been evaluated by individuals.
  • 3. Monitors the consumer and citizen trends and assesses their impact on marketplace and societal transformations.

The approach

  • An annual study that measures the values, brands and issues of interest to our clients – and identifies the connection between them.
  • Approximately one hundred values, needs and hot buttons that reveal what motivates the behaviours and attitudes of consumers and citizens.
  • Data collection every spring.
  • A Canadian study:
    • n = 3,500 respondents for the whole country (18 y/o+)
    • n = 1,500 respondents in Quebec

Predictive models that can be adapted to any quantitative study

The predictive models of our values and hot buttons can be incorporated into any survey whose interview length permits it by inserting a short section that adds two more minutes to the questionnaire. Using an AI algorithm, we can then identity most of the consumer and citizen values, along with our segmentations, in any of our quantitative studies.

This addition allows us to explain any issue studied in our surveys from a sociocultural perspective.

Download the full Panorama document