A satellite of the Panorama program that studies the needs and expectations of consumers in terms of food.


Nutrio identifies the set of purchasing criteria that guide consumers in their food choices and preferences. What motivates their choices, habits, behaviours and attitudes. How food brands, products, services and people’s needs intersect.

Nutrio is dedicated to understanding every type of need expressed in the marketplace and to identifying the brand opportunities these needs represent.

In more specific terms, Nutrio, like Panorama …

  • 1. Profiles market segments based on their expressed needs, expectations and attitudes.
  • 2. Characterizes brands, products and services in terms of their user profiles.
  • 3. Monitors consumer trends and assesses their impact on market transformations.

The approach

  • An annual study that measures needs, expectations, attitudes, purchasing criteria and brands and issues of interest to our clients – and identifies the connection between them.
  • Approximately one hundred needs and purchasing criteria that reveal what motivates consumer behaviours and attitudes in the marketplace.
  • Data collection every spring/summer.
  • n = 4,200 respondents for our clients’ brands and issues (Canada, 18+).
  • Predictive models that can be adapted to any quantitative study.

The predictive models for our food purchase criteria indicators can be incorporated into any survey whose interview length permits it by inserting a short section that adds two more minutes to the questionnaire. Using an AI algorithm, we can then identity most of our food indicators, along with our segmentation, in any of our quantitative studies.

This addition allows us to explain any issue studied in our surveys from a sociocultural perspective.

Download the full Nutrio program document