You have a burning question (or two) and you need answers NOW.

Our Monthly Omnibus

You've come to the right place. CROP's monthly omnibus is designed specifically for situations in which your pressing questions demand definitive answers that relate to your situation and empower you to make sound decisions—without having to resort to a full survey of your own.

An omnibus is a shared survey whose cost are split among several clients. Each client contributes a few questions to the same survey.

CROP’s FOTO omnibus is based on a sample created from a panel of 1,000 respondents representative of the Quebec population 18 years of age and older, for all the usual demographic characteristics (age, sex, etc.). With one exception: we oversample the Metropolitan Region of Quebec City (n=200).

What’s more, CROP can profile respondents on their mindsets (values and attitudes) to help you better understand the reactions to your burning questions, and what biases underlie those reactions.

FOTO - developing results.

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