Imagine a focus group with over 1,000 fully engaged participants

An online ideation and co-creation protocol

Forget qualitative. Forget quantitative. Think "new paradigm" and get the best of both worlds. Jam is the perfect blend: the richness of a focus group twinned with the strength in numbers provided by quantitative analysis.

Using CROP's proprietary technology, the JAM program invites participants (i.e., your prospects) to discuss and exchange thoughts, opinions and reactions to your ideas, projects, innovations, etc. It uses an evolving method: participants simultaneously create and evaluate the content without outside intervention.

What you get is co-creation with a target audience that is highly engaged in the process. Participants are able to refine their opinions as the process continues, distilling them to their most defined, precise and specific expression.

JAM is the ultimate way to read deeply into your consumer's heart and expectations. The freeform exchange of ideas is structured by a rigorous research procedure.

In this type of survey process, all respondents express their opinions on a topic. They are also invited to react to certain ideas suggested earlier by other respondents.

At the end of the process, our probabilistic algorithm lets us simulate the proportion of the study population who would be in agreement with each suggested idea, if each of them had been exposed to the ideas of all the other respondents!

The richness of such virtual qualitative conversations, combined with the rigour of purely quantitative statistical inference, reveals the entire universe of thoughts about a topic in a given population.

You will truly know everything that your target population thinks about your topic of interest-and you will know it in a perfectly quantified way!