Over the years, CROP has developed an array of proprietary programs, tools and protocols that provide a unique understanding of the needs of consumers and citizens. We also customize these tools for the specific needs of our clients.

Panorama: Examines the hot buttons and values motivating the choices and attitudes of consumers and citizens. A unique tool for fine-tuning your brand positioning.

Nutrio: Investigates consumers' food habits, needs, expectations and purchasing criteria-and reveals which trends, brands and market segments to target.

JAM: Gives survey participants a platform for exchanging and sharing ideas on specific topics, offers and innovations. An ideation and co-creation protocol combining qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Foto: Our monthly omnibus (when you have only a few questions you need answered).

Fidelus: Tracks the customer journey and customer satisfaction with the various contact points in your organization. A tool for improving and maintaining customer loyalty.

Sync: Measures brand performance based on the expectations of specific consumer segments. This segmentation protocol reveals the level of brand performance on key attributes.