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The political climate in Quebec, January 2016

Categories: CROP in the news

Posted on 01-28-16 at 1:50 p.m.

Early 2016: Quebecers are in a better mood

The Liberals’ rise to power at the federal level has had a very positive effect on the mood of Quebecers; it’s being received as a real breath of fresh air. Since the Liberal Party was elected, nearly the majority of Quebecers feel that Quebec is going in the right direction.

The Quebec Liberal Party in good form

This sunny attitude is reflected in provincial politics, as a happy population is less likely to want a change of government and signs regarding the QLP are quite favourable. Two years from the next election, the most important indicator is the satisfaction rate with the provincial government, which is very close to 40% -- a comfortable margin for the Liberals. After a difficult 2015, a year of budget cuts and negotiations with its employees, the QLP is kicking off the year supported by its electoral base.

The PQ is slipping

As for the official opposition, it has lost 8 points in the past two months and is currently at its lowest rating since Pierre-Karl Péladeau’s debut as party leader. Moreover, note that data collection was conducted before the nightmarish last few weeks that the leader of this party has experienced. In the last few days, Mr. Péladeau has been unable to exercise his position as leader of the opposition, as he is entangled in defending his other roles, that is, either his role as controlling shareholder of Quebecor or his role as a celebrity who broadcasts his private life and is suffering setbacks in his love life.

The PQ’s descent benefits the CAQ and Québec Solidaire.

At the federal level: The Liberals are sky-high

Figures for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are stratospheric. Two out of three Quebecers feel that they are doing a good job and they have the support of half of Quebecers when it comes to voting intentions.

The NDP has an electoral base of 20%, which means it has the support to rebuild when the honeymoon is over for the Liberals.

However, at 11%, the Bloc Québécois has returned to the margins following Gilles Duceppe’s departure.

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