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The political climate in Quebec, February 2016

Categories: CROP in the news

Posted on 02-23-16 at 1:05 p.m.


Since the 2008 financial crisis, Quebecers have been feeling downright morose. Moreover, although we note some signs of resilience, the state of mind of Quebecers is very similar to that of a depressed person: fatalism, a feeling of lack of empowerment in life, low vitality, etc. At first, the election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party brought a real breath of fresh air.  This spurt was all too brief and the drag towards depression has returned. As was the case before October 2015, the majority of Quebecers get the impression that the province is going in the wrong direction.


Our monthly update indicates that the level of satisfaction with the provincial government is around 40%, and has been at that level for a few months. Our counterparts at Léger measure the level of satisfaction at around 30%. How can this variance be explained?

At CROP, we measure the government’s performance without referring to the party or its leader. Our fellow pollsters evaluate the performance by personalizing the measure and naming the party and the leader.

Therefore, one out of ten Quebecers (the difference between 40% and 30%) approve of the provincial government’s actions, but don’t like its representatives. In marketing-speak, we would say that they have confidence in the brand’s equity, but they don’t identify with the brand’s personality.

Companies such as Bell or McDonald’s “suffer” from the same syndrome. Favourability towards them is weak, but their sales are very strong. People don’t identify with the brand, but they consume it.

The question on level of satisfaction with the government allows us to measure the size of market change. Before choosing a party, voters ask themselves if they would re-elect the current government or not. For this 10%, the issue is: “Will I vote for the Liberal Party led by Philippe Couillard because I believe they are competent, or will I vote for another party because I don’t like them and what they represent?”

For the complete results, click here (French only).