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Posted on 09-29-20 at 3:35 p.m.

This program identifies the "life milieus" where brands are found - the milieus where brands "live" and where they can grow. Our goal is to grow brands by helping them thrive where they already have a foothold.

In partnership with Vividata, which measures media habits and consumer behaviour, CROP has identified some 100 life milieus in the countries where brands have opportunities to expand their base of customers/users.

Depending on the brand, the milieus are regrouped into a smaller number of segments - the potential growth targets (that can also become personas). Access to Vividata's database provides clients with more than 40,000 pieces of information to describe consumers, such as...

• lifestyles
• consumption habits
• the brands, products and services used (almost everything on the market)
• personal activities, interests and sources of entertainment
• media habits
• needs, values, mental postures and hot buttons
• motivations for consumer choices in the marketplace, ...
• and the know-how to stimulate these choices

Brands don't have a significant and meaningful presence in the milieus by accident. They are there because they meet practical, emotional and cultural needs. The Milieus program is dedicated to understanding all these needs in order to chart the best ways for brands to address them.

The basic premise of the program is to identify the consumers in these milieus who share all the same characteristics as a brand's users, especially their motivations, but who are not yet users of the brand. Our job is to ensure that they end up becoming customers.

The ultimate goal of the program is to drive brand growth through the acquisition of new customers.

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