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A Christmas JAM

Categories: Food for thought

Posted on 12-21-10 at 9:24 a.m.

Image for A Christmas JAM

The holiday season is, for brands, products and services, a time of year centered on sales, numbers that we examine under a magnifying glass with charts, comparatives and projections, but what does this festive season mean to consumers?

To answer this question, CROP turned to its new product, ″Jam″, the qual/quant iDeation protocol to survey people’s perceptions with a special ″Christmas Jam″ and the results we obtained thanks to this powerful tool are absolutely fascinating!

We asked Quebecers to talk about holiday shopping.

They simply didn’t want to!

Instead, they talked about the spirit of sharing at Christmastime by denouncing the fact that holiday shopping has become overly commercialized. This has implications for marketing and branding. What this tells us is that during the holiday season, we must put the emphasis in our positioning on generosity and the contribution of brands toward conviviality among people!

What a blast!!!

We are sharing extracts of a conference given by Alain Giguère on this subject. Simply click on the following link to view the document.

Happy Holidays!

Click here to read the complete study